Project Execution - Process
The execution portion of the project plan will vary from project to project. However, many projects are similar and if so can benefit from following a pre-defined plan for all projects of that type.

The ProcessThe process is the list of steps needed to complete the project. It may be broken into sub-projects, milestones or phases

Manage the ScheduleTrack the process (set of steps for completing the project), manage any issues or other impacts to the project progress.

Manage the BudgetTrack costs for labor and materials

Create the DeliverablesFollow the project process and create the project deliverables.

Tips & Tools
  • Apply lessons learned from previous projects.
  • Use a consistant process for similar projects. Create a project template that can be reused across projects.
  • Provide a collaborative electronic workspace for the team to post project deliverables, post and resolve issues, brainstrom and discuss project work.
  • Let the team members see the schedule. Better yet have them update the schedule as they work on their assignments. This saves the project manager work and also makes project status information more up-to-date and readily available.
  • AbleNet Solutions - collaborative project software for multiple projects and multiple teams.