Project Execution - Meetings
Meetings provide the primary means for team members to interact with each other. However, they are often no more than status reporting events. If you leave a meeting thinking it was a waste of time then chances are it was. Check out the tips and the links below for information about improving your meetings.
Much of the meeting time spent during the project execution phase is spent reporting status. If you use collaborative project management software you can eliminate status reporting during meetings and concentrate on making decisions and resolving problems. When you do have meetings use the simple techniques and tools below to achieve better results.

  • Project Manager should prepare an agenda, and a project progress report - this can be eliminated if the team is using collaborative project software.
  • Set time limits for the meeting and for each agenda item
  • Use a facilitator to help ensure active participation
  • Use leadership skills to keep the session on track
  • Record minutes and publish to participants
  • Discuss, Decide, Assign actions
  • White board or flip charts. Attach electronic hardware that captures the writing so that it can be printed or sent via email.
  • A PC with outlining software and a person to operate it. This is great for brainstorming and everyone gets a copy or an email of the results. OR a PC displaying reports from the collaborative project sotware - which can be updated as the meeting progresses.
  • Use collaborative software and web conferencing for "virtual" meetings . Collaborative software can be used to reduce the number of meetings, foster better teamwork and communications, and reduce travel costs.