Collaborative Software for Project Execution
Personal productivity packages(wordprocessor, presentation, spreadsheet), project management software and email. Network and internet connectivity now enable teams to work together using a variety of collaborative software tools that go beyond email capabilities to deliver a virtual team workspace. In the past geographically dispursed teams have been the primary beneficiaries of this type of software. Now many organizations are recognizing that collaborative software can bring tremendous benefit to any team.

  • Include your customers and other stakeholders in the project process even if they are external to your organization.
  • Create a shared document library for co-authoring, obtaining approvals, and reference.
  • Consider using collaborative project management software that can allow the entire team including management and the customer to see and update the project progress. This reduces status reporting effort and improves meeting quality and effectiveness.
  • Email - for project alerts
  • Web Conferencing - for real time collaboration.
  • Team collaboration applications for asychronous team interaction, project status updating, deliverable posting and review, budget reporting and resource usage reporting.
  • AbleNet Solutions - collaborative teamware and collaborative project management software for multiple projects and multiple teams.
  • Groove Networks - peer to peer collaboration. This is new software and worth watching.
  • Web conferencing software - This is a way to hold a real time meeting with geographically dispursed people without incurring all of the costs associated with travel. This type of software usually allows meeting participants to share their files, use a whiteboard and chat with each other.
    • Placeware - Easy to use and highly recommended. Does not require special software for each user. At the time of the meeting a java applet is downloaded from their site to each user. This is great for presentations and demonstrations especially with people outside your organization.
    • WebEx - another web conferencing site
    • Lotus SameTime - software that includes chat, whiteboarding and other features. This is a great solution for an organization that wants to bring this type of software in-house.