What do the organizations below have in common?

        • Financial
        • Pharmaceutical
        • Marketing
        • Procurement
        • Information Technology
        • Manufacturing
        • Purchasing
        • Community Group
They are just a few of the types of organizations that can use AbleNet's solutions and techniques to work on projects and improve processes.

The N-Able Projects Portal is customizable and adaptable to different industries
and company requirements for Process and Project tracking while providing the added capability of collaboration among team members!

Keywords and phrases specific to your industry can be added to personalize the portal to your companies needs!

companies can utilize the Projects Portal when applying for drug approvals. The required processes can be tracked, status is provided for each step, and the entire process is documented.

Companies can use the Projects Portal to manage projects and processes for completion of new product introductions, marketing and sales efforts and tracking resources involved.

Companies can use the Projects Portal to oversee the different aspects of Loan approval and mortgage refinancing processes.

Marketing and Public Relations
Firms can apply the Projects Portal to manage advertising campaigns, customer relations and resources involved in the creation of collateral.

These are just a few examples.

Call or email us and let us help you discover what AbleNet Solutions can do for you. Check out more information about our N-Able Projects Portal solution. Looking for more information about how to manage successful projects? Check out the Project Life Cycle Planning Guide.