Technology is the enabler, people provide the value.

Many organizations focus most of their effort on the technology.
The key to a successful implementation is to focus on the people.

The introduction of collaborative computing, and the ability to work together electronically, sharing information with colleagues, business partners and customers, can bring tremendous benefits to the organization. It also dramatically changes the way that people work together. People need to feel comfortable with the technology and with each other to work together effectively.

Effective teamwork requires:
  • Management support
  • Clear definition of team mission and goals
  • Clear definition of team member roles and responsibilities
  • Team guidance via a leadership or facilitation role
  • Clear understanding of the benefits for the team, the organization, and each individual
  • Trust and confidence among the team members
AbleNet Solutions provides:
  • Team readiness assessments
  • Team facilitation services
  • Team leadership/facilitation training
  • Teamwork exercises and training
  • Goal and measurement setting
  • Process planning and implementation
  • Team and team leader coaching